The Evolution of the Memory Card

The evolution of the memory card and memory features with today's Smartphones and other gadgets.

The memory card has had many uses through the last decade for smartphones, digital cameras, digital camcorders, portable gaming, and endless other devices and small gadgets. From microSD, SD, Compact Flash, and the classic Sony Memory Stick, these forms of removable and storage media have been very popular for today’s growing demand of memory hungry devices. Many tablets also take advantage of expandable memory with utilizing a microsd memory card slot as well.

The smartphone segment experienced a large rise in the demand for a memory card slot, as users were storing more photos, videos, and music on their phones. This demand has slowed in recent years as some of today’s top phone models such as the Apple iPhone have large amounts of internal memory, and don’t even allow for a memory card to be inserted. The Android phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy still allow for a microSD memory card, and gives the user much more storage capacity than what already comes with the device. It also gives them the ability to take the memory out and stick the memory card into a computer or photo-printing device. Many other devices, such as digital cameras, camcorders, webcams, gaming devices, and kid’s toys, give the user the ability to store more data.

With today’s world being more connected than ever, and higher resolution photo and hd video becoming the norm, having a memory card in your device is the way to go, giving you much more sense of security knowing that you will not run out!

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