Join The Selfie Craze!

Welcome to the 21st century where we have cast aside the laborious task of oil portraits and traded them in guessed it...selfies! Unfortunately we weren't born with the right body structure for these pretentious self-portraits. How many times have you taken a photo of yourself and neglected to include your amazing hair in the picture? an attempt to hide that little bit of extra chin, (or the hair on your chinny, chin, chin) you stare up into your phone and end up looking like a giraffe, only less attractive?

You were raised on the popular motto “If at first you don't succeed, try again”; by this point in your life the words are pounded into your brain. So you try yet again, positioning yourself just so-so in front of the pristine bathroom sink, almost certain that your flash won't have a horrible reaction with the mirror this time. Click, click! You've got the perfect picture, but your annoying little brother seems to have forgotten to flush, yes, again… and it is reflected in the mirror!

There is always that small part of your face your cellphone camera fails to reach. You snap away, hoping for a glam shot, but eventually you just end up with no space on your cell to download apps with. If only your arm were a little longer...maybe if you could stretch it by about 3 feet? Or maybe if your face would just get with the program and quit having a mind of its own?!

Well, the technological beings in charge of satisfying our photogenic needs have answered your prayers!

Ladies (And Gentlemen) yes fellows, we know you take selfies too...

Put your cellphone fears aside, because Selfie Sticks are here to save the day! You will no longer need to feel self-conscious about those body parts that are too short, oh get your mind out of the gutter! These genius cellphone accessories add 3 impressive feet to your arm, giving you the leverage to take the perfect self-portrait!

The selfie stick accommodates a variety of phones, appealing to the likes of both Siri and Cortana. It is user-friendly and allows you to take a selfie with ease, just click the button on the mono-pod and revel in your astounding beauty.

Finally a phone gadget that comes in handy and does not require an extra power cord! That's right, no battery is needed for this tool; it operates through the auxiliary cord that comes along with it. You know what that means? More time to edit your photos and add filters!

This accessory is collapsible, so it contracts small enough to fit in your favorite purse or handbag.

May you never be caught without your selfie stick!



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