Putting That Unused Cd Player Slot In Your Car To Work!

Music is a pervasive aspect of many peoples’ lives. Today, especially, individuals are ever more in touch. There are plenty of devices that place our favorite tunes at our fingertips. It seems everyone has an iPod or smartphone with a playlist at the ready. On top of this, we now have the convenience of satellite radio. Between Bluetooth and AUX ports, almost no one utilizes the internal radio or CD player inside their car. Multi-disk CD players were popular for a while, but they cannot offer the flexibility that new technology does today.

However, all cars are still equipped with a radio and CD player, despite the fact that they seem to be barely used for their intended purposes. Have you ever thought about turning that cd slot into something useful? Luckily, several people have! Thanks to some innovative thinking, you can now make use of your car’s useless hardware by turning it into a CD slot mount.

With the continuing changes in laws, and continued crackdown on texting while driving, installing a cd slot phone holder may very well save you the trouble of a ticket! Several states have already adopted “hands free” laws, which prohibit the driver from using their cell phone while the vehicle is in operation. However, many people use their phones for GPS navigation or for music purposes. Even if you have Bluetooth, you may still need to be able to see your phone screen for any number of reasons.

Well, now you can! Windshield mounts are unsafe and illegal in some areas, as they obstruct the driver’s view. Dashboard holders often do not properly secure the phones, leaving them to be a dangerous distraction from the roadway. A CD cell phone holder is a great way around these laws, and it makes the useless CD player useful again, all while safely securing your phone in a visible location.

cd slot holder

These CD player mounts have mechanisms that secure your phone in place, ensuring that it will not fall out during your trip. Many are also adjustable, offering either a horizontal or vertical alignment. This flexibility just adds another reason to the list to purchase a CD player mount for your cell phone. These holders are economical – definitely cheaper than a ticket if you live in a “hands free” state. They also make you a safer driver by keeping your phone easily accessible in a safe way. With a CD Player mount, you can put your CD player slot to use again. Who knows, you may even decide you like being able to reach down near the radio to change music again – just this time, on your phone screen instead of with the traditional knobs.

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